Clo.Tip: How I Shop Vegan for Less Moolah

I was queuing up a post on best places to shop online/offline for vegan shoes when I saw Archana's comment on this post about finding really good vegan shoes for $$ or less. So I combined my post with the response to her comment. There is much to share, so here we go!

Offline  Shopping:
There are many mainstream chain stores that carry a few faux-leather or vegan pieces. These are typically priced comparable to leather shoes in the collection .
Some shops to try:
  • Moo Shoes in NYC (Vegan shoes/accessories store)
  • Kaight boutique in NYC (eco-friendly and vegan wear only; it is a bit on the expensive side)
  • Irregular Choice boutique in NYC (limited vegan collection)
  • TOMS (has a vegan line)
  • Forever 21 (limited selection, latest fads and trends)
  • Express (thanks for the tip, Anagha! She found vegan booties here)
  • Aerosoles 
  • NineWest

Caution! Even if the body of the shoe/boot is non-leather, the sole could be! So, double check with the sales person and look for the “Genuine Leather” logo. Also, many times I found that in chain stores, vegan shoes = canvas/fabric shoes. So brace yourself! Don’t expect to find much  :)

Online Shopping:
I have always found it easier to shop for vegan shoes/ accessories online, since you can eliminate the guess work out of the equation pertaining to a mainstream store visit.  Also, many websites now offer a flat rate shipping or free shipping both ways.

Some noteworthy sites where I found decent vegan shoes for $$ or less:
Other Online shops that carry the vegan brands I mentioned in yesterday's post:

Caution! In my experience, I have found that cheaper vegan shoes are mostly made in China and it is hard to find information on their origins and the company’s stand on ethical/fair-wages and sustainability.

(Offline vs. Online shopping is another issue I want to research and blog about - Is one better than the other? Which is more sustainable? etc.... coming soon!)

My formula for saving $$:
You stick with the brands you know are ethical and sustainable even if they are on the expensive side and do the following drill:

Note: Most of the shoes I own were bought at 40% or greater discount and this is my preferred method of shopping.

Hmm... does using a flowchart seem too geeky to y'all? I'm liking it though ;)

How do you go about your shopping?

psst.. I have this feeling that I did not include a really big/obvious brand in the list.. Feel free to jog my memory by dropping in a line in the comments section.

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