Clo.Outfit: ComicCon'd

K surprised me with tickets to ComicCon (featuring the NY Anime Festival) and I was super duper ecstatic that we were going! I thought of cosplaying like my fave anime characters, but since we were short on time instead decided to be inspired by Japanese fashion drawing from anime and Harajuku. The pledge of not shopping meant digging up the closet and coming up with a outfit that was J-inspired yet still "me". 

For the dress, I stuck to the basics - white shirt and black denim skirt. I accessorized with an obi belt, a hand-knit beanie, striped socks and striped leg warmer (worn as an arm band). Since we'd be walking a lot, I went with vegan Oxford flats from Melissa. 

What I'm Wearing:
Shirt: Express
Skirt: Denim (Too old to remember)
Belt: Vegan; Obi style; ASOS
Thigh Highs: Polka dot;
Socks: Cotton; Gap
Shoes: Vegan Oxfords - Alexandre Herchcovitch for Melissa
Bag: Woven; Crossover; c/o mum's travels in India
Beanie: Woven - handmade by Nepalese tribals, c/o mum's travels
Fake eyelashes: Make Up For Ever

Completely off the topic for this blog, but while we are on the topic of comics and anime...

If you are new to the world of anime and would like to get introduced, I'd suggest starting off with movies/series from a couple of great directors: Satoshi Kon and Hayao Miyazaki. Google them and you'll find lists of their works. I have watched all of them and totally recommend them. Along with these, here are some of my favorite shows, in no particular order:

Samurai Champloo
Cowboy Bebop
Ouran High School Host Club
Rurouni Kenshin
Tekkonkinkreet (movie)
Paprika (movie)
12 Kingdoms
Last Exile
Darker Than Black
Fullmetal Alchemist
Soul Eater
Sword of the Stranger (movie)

Where to watch: Hulu has a lot of these shows, mostly English dubbed and some subbed (I ONLY watch subbed versions, well, I'm a purist and hey that's how I improve my Japanese :D ). Netflix also has some titles and you can always borrow DVDs and Mangas from NYPL.

See how I styled the same skirt and polka dot tights differently here.

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