Clo.Outfit: Color, Prints and a New Accessory

You must have noticed that I have been missing in action this past week. That is because I have acquired a new accessory - Yes, the one you see in the pic below. It is a cool ninja accessory with secret blades hidden it with which I can rid the world of its scum.......or... something like that.... ummm (right, keep dreaming, P). Anyhooo, as you guessed, It is a wrist brace. So after bearing with the pain in my wrist and right hand for a week and a half, I went to the doc. He confirmed what I feared I already knew I had. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Ughhh. I have to wear a wrist brace now every time I'm working on the system and the doc asked me to stop using the mouse and get a track pad.

Later, sulkily I told K that I do have CTS and felt like my body was giving away, one part at a time... K, (with that smirk on his face) says... ummm well, you are getting old. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarghhh! You can imagine what happened next...

Coming back to the outfit, I had to run a couple of errands around the house and I had decided I wanted to wear my argyle print tights, so I planned the entire outfit around them; I'm amazed by the n number of things you can do with scarves! I'm wearing two scarves today. One around my neck, can you guess where the second one is?? right, the skirt! the zebra print skirt is actually a scarf wrapped and tied around my waist :) 

What I'm wearing:
Scarf: c/o mum's travels
Jacket: North Face Polar Fleece jacket (Poly-based fleece)
Shirt: Gap 
Skirt: Scarf worn as a wrap skirt; c/o mum's travels
Tights: Uniqlo
Bag: Vegan from Lulu
Shoes: Vegan from Modcloth

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