Clo.Outfit: Work With What You've Got!

Unfortunately, the only eco-conscious piece in this entire outfit are the red peep toes. I wish 
I had made a switch to ethical/sustainable fashion sooner, oh well, a start is a start. 

But this really got me thinking about how I should go about converting my wardrobe from chic to eco-chic.  Well, the easier, non-sustainable and not to mention expensive way would be to start buying eco-conscious clothes. But that defeats the purpose of living a sustainable life!

Why buy when there is no need?  It's like buying an organic, locally grown apple instead of an imported apple when you are not hungry; In the end, both will rot! Hence, this day forward, I have decided on the following two things:

  1. I plan on not shopping for clothes anymore until I feel the ABSOLUTE need for it. (say my winter jacket is torn to shreds and I can't wear it anymore - such absoluteness is what I'm referring to) and I will blog about it when (and if) I do shop.
  2. And when I do make another purchase, it will be form a brand that follows ethical standards and makes sustainable/ eco-conscious goods.

Until then, the idea is to use what I have in my wardrobe to churn out unique yet fashionable outfits.

Work with what you've got.... is the new mantra :)

The outfit:
K gave me tickets to the Broadway show Wicked for my birthday and we watched it this week. The show was AMAZING! Very clever and such great performances. I like dressing up for Broadway shows and wanted a fun semi-formal look. So here is what I went with:

Shoes: Melissa (vegan, ethical)
Tights: sockdreams
Denim skirt: too old to remember
Sequin tube top: Bought 5 years ago in Hyderabad, India
Hat: H&M
Felt ball necklace: Holiday pop-up store (I'm still trying to remember the name)
Bicycle necklace: the bike was gift for my birthday, I added the chain
Plastic Watch: SF MOMA
Makeup: Korres and Tarte (All natural products)

Wish me luck!!

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  1. You have got great ideas. Keep it going.


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