Clo.Outfit: Stripes, Leopards and Red Bows

Credit to J for this photo location

I love animal prints. I love all things striped. I love to mix 'em up. 

It gets even more exciting when you add shoes with red polka dot bows + floral patterns + dangling cherries to this mix. I love these shoes. I think they are childishly wacky. I first spotted these in Chicago, when best bud and I randomly walked into this store called Akira, right next to the subway station.

I did not buy them, but when I got home, I googled it and found that they had only one boutique outside of UK and no points for guessing where - yes, right here in SoHo. Boy was I ecstatic. If you've never been to this store, then you should. It is an awesome awesome place, so creative, so wacky, so different, so irregular! And the best part? they carry a few vegan shoes!! yippppieee!!!!

Anyhoo...It was a beautiful sunny day here in NYC and we spent a good chunk of the day in Central Park.

What I'm wearing:
Denim Cut-Offs: Cut a 7-yr old ill-fit Levis 
Shirt: Organic Cotton from Zara
Scarf: Cotton (c/o of mum's travels across India)
Shoes: Vegan from Irregular Choice
Beaded Bracelet: Crafts Fair, Hyderabad
Ring: H&M
Bag: Woven grass bag (c/o Alila Hotels, Bali - where we stayed for our honeymoon)

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