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Konnichiwa!!! We're back from Japan and we had a blast! I'm still dreaming (day and night) about our experiences and just can't wait to go back again and this time for a more permanent vacay ;)

After 1 year 5 months of keeping my shopping to a bare minimum, I finally went shopping in Harajuku. Except for the bag and shoes, all the clothing I bought were second-hand.

Shot location is the Arashiyama bamboo forest and surrounding gardens in Kyoto.

What I'm Wearing:

Shirt: ZIBtextiles from Etsy  
Jacket (red/black): 100% cotton, second hand bought from Rag Tag Harajuku
Jacket (blue) : Borrowed from hubby 
Slim belt: Vegan 
Tights: 95% cotton bought in India
Shoes: Vegan and ethical from Cri de Coeur
Bag: Vegan by Issey Miyake Bao Bao Collection


Do you put away your summer clothes in winter? I don't. This way I have more items to play with and mix and match. I use light summery clothes to layer and to add print to my outfit (most of my summer clothes are printed). Here, I winterized my cotton jumpsuit by adding a bulky sweater and tights. 

These geeky tights were love at first sight!  I ripped four of my tights this winter and I was looking to replace them with some graphic tights. These have become a conversation starter as I've had many people ask me if I've scanned the barcode (and some even whipped their phone out to try and scan it!). Love 'em!

The bulky vintage nordic sweater replaced two 4-year old GAP sweaters. The GAP sweaters just got so visibly bobbly! Not cool. 

What I'm Wearing:
Sweater: 100% acrylic; Vintage from ShopIndie
Jumpsuit: 100% cotton; Bought in India
White tights: Handprinted silkscreened tights made in NY from NylonJournal
Over the knee socks (worn short): 80% bamboo from SockDreams
Sandals: Vegan and ethical from Cri de Coeur


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