Clo.Outfit: A Dress That Was......

A dress that was a skirt. Here is a skirt I bought 4 years back. I loved the print and thought I could rock a mid-length skirt. But, after coming home and trying it on again, I just couldn't make it look good on me! It always looked off, somehow....until, I pulled it up to make a summer dress :)

I gave the dress a bit of structure by adding a belt. I have always been a fan of Obi belts (the Japanophile in me, i.e) and fell in love more so after seeing the metallic Obi belts in Paul & Joe's Spring 2011 collection.  

What I'm wearing:
Dress: Skirt pulled up + a safety pin to tighten the elastic
Belt: Vegan Obi belt from ASOS
Shoes: Vegan Steve Madden from Moo Shoes
Bag: Handmade Jute satchel from a crafts market in Hyderabad
Hat: Hell's Kitchen Flea

The weather was just perfect for a day in the park absorbed in an intriguing sci-fi novel (Asimov's Foundation series!!!) 

On the way back in Grand Central Terminal


  1. Hey! I know this one ;) I liked it even more with the straps..great work Pal!

  2. Thanks Minu. I've always worn it with straps, but this time wanted to do without - though I think I like it with them :)


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