Clo.Outfit: Festive Season Fusion

you can see the eco-sneaks peeping from under my skirt

I meant to do this post earlier (read: 2 weeks ago) but just did not get the chance. I have always wanted to try a fusion of Indian traditional + western and the festival month of October just seemed perfect for that :)

Wishing ya'll a belated Happy Dasara! Hope you feasted on yummy food :)
Dasara Shubhakankshalu :)

What I'm Wearing:
Skirt: A traditional Ghagra (bought at a crafts fair directly from the weaver in Ahmedabad)
Vest: H&M
Hat: Thrifted; Vintage Phil Forstadt. I wrapped the "chunni" around the hat to make it look like a rimmed turban
Awkward Robot Charm: Handmade by lovespelljewels, Etsy
Shoes: eco-sneaks from Simple (top made of 100% hemp, sole from used car tyres, laces: recycled PET, organic cotton lining)
The trinket hanging from my pocket is an ear ring (I lost its pair)

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