Clo.Lips: Love wine? You'll love this (natural) lipstick

That's right! Bite Beauty - a Canadian brand founded by Susanne Langmuir carries a line of 21 lip products. These high pigment products are based on an all natural recipe with a powerful antioxidant (read Resveratrol) equivalent to 5 glasses of red wine(!!), natural shea butters and organic fruit. No more  parabens, sulfates or other petro chemicals and synthetic dyes in my lipstick!

Now, I can take it easy and wet my lips and not worry about chemicals :)… and while we are on the subject: do you also wet your lips while wearing lipstick ? I can't stop doing  it :(

I'm wearing TANIN rouge crème.

Get them here: Sephora


  1. Aha. Nice theme.
    I always have thought that indian clothing is truly sustainable. No matter what size you become a sari will always fit. It can last as long as the fabric lasts! That deserve a post eh?
    Keep it up!

  2. Agreed! Yes, it's in the pipeline :)


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