Hello, I'm Pallavi Mantha

I'm a trained Architect and work in the field of sustainable design and analysis . My second choice of career is fashion/textile design. I grew up being inspired by my mum, a fashion designer.

I'm vegetarian when it comes to food and vegan when it comes to fashion. An avid Miyazaki and Murakami fan. LOVE watching anime; it inspires me, relieves stress and teaches me Japanese.  I love tech and have an unnaturally high interest in tech start-ups. I'm half a geek, thanks to my husband K. I live in New York City.

The blog name, foo.clo.ho is inspired by the Indian phrase: "roti,kapda aur makaan" the basic essentials of life. The phrase translates literally to "bread, cloth and house".  This blog captures my attempts at living eco-consciously and healthily.

Feel free to e-mail  me with your questions, comments and thoughts.


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