Clo.Outfit: A Bright Start to the New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!!!!

I'm totally loving this outfit and I'll tell you why: For one, I'm wearing a shirt backwards; two, I'm wearing two hats. I was totally craving a stand up collar shirt and I couldn't find any in my wardrobe, I figured I could just wear a shirt backwards. I wore this beanie but the outfit did not seem to fall in place so I borrowed my mom's hat and wore it on top of it, so the colorful beanie just shows as a trim. Perfect amount of multi-color :)

What I'm Wearing:
Black hat: Borrowed from Mum
Colorful Beanie: Handwoven by Nepalese tribesmen (c/o mum's travels)
Black Long Sleeve Shirt: Uniqlo
Red Button-Up: Express
Wrap Around Skirt: Jaipur Block Printed, 100% Cotton (c/o mum's travels)
Tights: Eco-friendly, 80% Bamboo fiber (
Shoes: Vegan (

Big Metal Pendant: c/o mum's travels (Kolkata)
Red Indian Dream Catcher: From Arizona
Silver bangle: c/o mum's travels (Bihar)
Wide metal bangle: From Hyderabad

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