Clo.Outfit: Handmade Multi-Way Shrug

I'm sooooo excited to show y'all this shrug! It is the first garment I designed and made*! I kept it simple in terms of cut and finishing (as I'm not all that good at it, yet). This fabric has great fall and I wanted to portray that quality through design - hence the long billowing sleeves. Almost gives it an ethereal feel. 

I love designs that are versatile and can be worn in many ways. On the front, I can leave it open (as in the pic above), or overlap the panels, or tie a front knot or wear it as a halter. The sleeves can also be draped in multiple ways: leave them as is, tie them at the end and give it that peasant sleeve look, wrap it around my arm, or tie them short...the possibilities are endless. 

I'm loving it! :)

* With help from my mum (a fashion design professor). She used to sew most of my dresses until high school. Now I want to make my own clothes whenever possible, so I asked her to teach me drafting and pattern making.

Notice the exposed darts? How cute are those!

What I'm Wearing:
Jacket: Kenneth Cole (Vegan)
Shrug: Handmade
Dress: French Connection
Tights: Eco-friendly; 80% bamboo fiber (
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood for Melissa (Vegan, Made of recycled plastic, 100% recyclable; Ethical company)

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