Ho.Handmade: Cushion Covers

This post has been a long time coming. A LONG time. I designed and made these cushions during January. However I never got a chance to photograph the finished product. Can you believe that? I wanted to photograph them during the day and somehow I was barely at home in the mornings these past few weeks. Anyhoo, I got my *bleep* together and I am pleased to present to you: handmade cushion covers.

As many of you know, we moved to a new apartment a few months back and ever since then, I have been trying to design it project by project. The first (and fairly easy) project was finding/making some bright cushion covers for my two sofas. After window shopping for a bit, I could not find designs I liked or stuff I liked was way too expensive (almost always the case!). So I started hunting for fabric with one design idea in mind: the covers should be up-down; front back and left-right flip-able, so I could play with them as I fancied. For this concept to work, I would need a variety of fabric.

My first (and last) destination was Purl Soho. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that shop. It's like walking into wonderland! My brain kicks into high gear every time I go here. I found this lovely pre-cut fabric bundle (18"x 24"). I fell for the colors and patterns and I had the "this is it!!!" moment! :)

I also bought smaller pre-cut fabric bundles for accents and other projects.

 And then, I got to work:

 After a few hours, this happened: 

 A few more hours later, these happened:

Flip up, flip down; front the back or back the front; go right or left; play till your heart's content

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