Clo.Outfit: Galyat Sankli Sonyachi....

Does the song ring a bell? It is a Goan -inspired song from the movie Dil hai ki manta nahin. Today's outfit is inspired by Deepak Tijori's outfit in this song. Check out the video of the song at the bottom of this post. Deepak sports a striped short sleeve shirt and sleeveless vest over a "lungi". This was pretty much the look I was going for; I went with 3/4th sleeve shirt, added a slim belt and boots to the combo. The "lungi" is a scarf I wrapped around my waist. It was easy enough to walk in all day and I absolutely love the uneven hem of the 'skirt'. The socks are slouched knee highs.. with the weather being so unpredictable in NYC, if it gets too cold for bare legs, I can just pull up the knee highs and be warm :)

 What I'm Wearing:
Striped shirt: H&M; 100% organic cotton
Vest: Bought in India, 6 yrs back
Belt: Vegan
Skirt: Scarf wrapped around as a skirt (c/o of mum's travels)
Socks: Knee highs worn as socks ; 65% recycled cotton
Shoes: Vegan ; bought from
Bangles: Lac bangles from Hyderabad
Enjoy the song and the video!


  1. Nicely done. The lungi looks very secure;) curious me wants to what place did you wear this outfit to? lunch? --Minu

  2. Yup, wore it to brunch and ran errands in it all day :) I tie a double and sometimes a triple knot to avoid clothing malfunctions ;)


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